Guest Post Article Guidelines

I’m approached by writers every week asking if they can post an article as a guest author on Big Blog of Gardening. I’m happy to do so, if your article meets the following criteria:

1. BBOG’s subject material is organic gardening, organic lawncare, and related environmental and food issues. Please take a few minutes and peruse the articles in each category to get a sense of tone, subject material, and focus. Articles which don’t fall under these categories will not be accepted for publication.

2. Will your article be of interest to the readership? Big Blog Of Gardening’s readers do not respond to or share articles that are very general in tone and only skim the surface of a garden problem or environmental issue. Your article should be in-depth and answer the questions, WHY and HOW. Please see the “Most Popular Today” articles on the side of this page to get an idea of what the readers respond to. Each of these articles has attracted tens of thousands of page views.

3. Your article must be 100% original content (I will check). Articles that appear on multiple websites without proper accreditation to the original source are penalized in google search. This is easy to check, so please don’t waste my time and yours.

4. One backlink to your personal author site, google plus profile, or professional site is okay. Just one. If linking to a business site, the author must be the owner or an employee of the company. The link must appear in the Author bio, which usually appears at the end of the article. Keyword backlinks within the body of the article are forbidden and if published will be removed.

5. Write your article according to standards of good journalism . State facts, not your personal opinion, and attribute and link to your sources. Please provide HTML links in parentheses to your sources for possible inclusion of those links in the article.

6. Are you an expert on the subject you’re writing about? If not, include quotes and attribution from someone who is (see #4). If you are an expert, please include your credentials in your bio.

7. Please use spell check.

8. I reserve the right to edit your article, including adding links to other articles in this site, changing the title, adding sub headings within the article, and improving your text. These changes are aimed at improving how often your article will be served in search results.

9. Please share your published article on Facebook, G+, Twitter, and whatever social platforms you use. The articles that are most often shared usually get the most search traffic from Google. One feeds the other.

10. Email me at and put “guest author” in the subject line.

11. Occasionally, Big Blog of Gardening’s content is syndicated (re-produced) by 3rd party websites. By submitting your article, you give permission without restriction for your article to be published by these¬†websites, if they choose to do so. Big Blog Of Gardening is not responsible for any changes or edits these parties may make to your article.

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