Garlic: How To Plant, Grow, and Harvest

garlic how to grow

If there is one plant-it-and-forget-it vegetable for your garden, it’s garlic. Garlic (Allium sativum) is easy to grow, has a high success rate, requires little maintenance, and is easy to harvest. Some gardeners I know shy away from growing garlic, as it costs so little to buy in grocery stores. But I don’t subscribe to that “best return on my planting investment” philosophy – I simply grow things because I … Continue reading

The Greatest Multi-Purpose Garden Tool? A Machete.


Nothing is better for relieving tension after a long, difficult day than an hour with a machete. You might do spinning classes, pedal a bike 10 miles, or run a 5K, but I work out with my trusty machete. Raising the machete far overhead, feeling the pull in my shoulder, back, and arm muscles, I bring the machete down at full velocity, it’s sharp blade smashing into and laying waste … Continue reading