Review: GreenStalk Vertical Gardening System

The GreenStalk Vertical Gardening System is a great innovation in container gardening. If you’re short on space, or have challenges with mobility, consider this stackable series of containers for easy access to 30 or more plants.

green stalk vertical gardening system

The design idea behind the GreenStalk Vertical Gardening System is to minimize watering with a unique drip method and provide a large enough vertical garden space to grow a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. It’s ideal for the would-be gardener who only has a patio, deck, porch or balcony to grow on.

GreenStalk asked me to review the vertical gardening system, so I really knew nothing about the product going in. When I opened the box I wasn’t crazy about what I saw – 5 maple-colored, stackable containers and 5 gray “watering disks” which fit in between each container. I assumed this was going to be a monstrosity which weighed hundreds of pounds by the time it was filled and watered. But I was pleasantly surprised with the setup.

The stack was easy to assemble and I had it set up in less than 15 minutes (and I’m no genius). A watering disc inserts between each container to catch runoff from the containers above and pass through drip holes into the container below. Each stackable container’s legs interlock with the “lips” of the planter below.

As I wasn’t planning to grow anything deep-rooted or tuberous (like potatoes ), I decided to save a little on the potting soil and placed broken styrofoam in the bottom of the planters – I figured it would save on weight too. Once assembled, the planter was much lighter than I thought it would be and was relatively easy to turn. GreenStalk does make an optional “Mover” for underneath the container, which I would highly recommend if the container will be on an uneven surface, if you have a lack of upper body strength or if you have mobility issues.

The design of the containers creates pockets for each plant which are surprisingly deep, allowing you to grow a wide variety of flowers, fruits such as strawberries, leafy vegetable greens, most herbs , legumes which are typically trellised (plant them at the top to hang) and cucumbers. I ended up planting pole beans, peas, parsley, cilantro, a variety of lettuces, two varieties of strawberries and french marigolds, the seeds for which were included with the gardening system. As you can see from the pictures, every plant did very well with a minimum of maintenance.

Conclusion: The plants were definitely happy in the GreenStalk Vertical Gardening System, but the drip method of watering was actually more of a chore than watering each plant directly. In the 5-stack delivered to me for review, after a couple of months, some of the drip holes in the watering trays were clogged, allowing for less water to find its way to the bottom container.

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