How to start an organic garden

If you want to start an organic garden, whether it be a vegetable, fruit or flower garden, these eight posts contain the basics – they’ll get you on your way to beautiful blooms and pesticide-free produce whose taste will knock your socks off.


Starting organic gardening: the basics

organic garden harvest

Organic gardening relies on more than just substituting organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers. It’s a different way of thinking about gardening. Learn the basics when you start your garden and you’ll be on your way to beautiful flowers and record vegetable harvests in no time.

Organic gardening rule #1: feed the soil

One of the most important concepts of organic gardening is: Feed the soil and you’ll feed the plant . When you learn what separates good garden soil from not so good garden soil, you’ll spend less time struggling with your garden and more time enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

Planning an organic flower or vegetable garden

cala lilly

It’s wise to make a plan for an organic vegetable or organic flower garden before you buy any plants or seeds. Planting without a garden plan is strictly a hit or miss proposition. You might get lucky, but more likely than not, you’ll lose a lot of plants and give up in frustration.

How to plant shrubs, flowers and trees

Planting new flowers, trees and shrubs correctly makes a big difference in whether they they thrive or develop problems. The rules of planting aren’t difficult, but they’re important.

How to choose healthy plants at your local garden center

picture of yellow zinnias home organic flower garden image When you’re buying new plants at your local garden center, watch for these key indicators to make sure that what you take home will grow big and beautiful and not expire from disease or stress.

Compost autumn tree leaves

Tree leaves in autumn shouldn’t be left to blow away or sent to a landfill. They’re best used as compost or mulch and are an important source of nutrients for your soil.


How to make a compost bin cheap

yellow crocus

There are hundreds of compost bins on the market, but they all share the same two problems: size and price. A commercially made compost bin is relatively expensive when compared to the amount of compost they produce. This homemade compost bin will provide enough compost for a small garden, and the best part is, it only costs about ten dollars.


How to build a raised garden bed

Raised garden beds changed my life. My back hurts less, I spend less time watering and weeding and I grow more fruits and vegetables in the same exact space. 


How to rotate crops in an organic vegetable garden

This is an absolutely essential practice in any vegetable garden. If you learn this, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches around pests, diseases, and depleted soil.

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