Review: Visionary Landscapes-Japanese Garden Design in North America

visionary landscapes book

Visionary Landscapes, by Kendall H. Brown, features 5 masters of Japanese gardening: Hoichi Kurisu, Takeo Uesugi, David Slawson, Shin Abe and Marc Peter Keane. Each designer interprets the style and meaning of the Japanese garden with innovative, unique designs in public, private and commercial spaces. Continue reading

Review: Teaming with Fungi by Jeff Lowenfels

teaming with fungi, jeff lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels, the author of Teaming with Nutrients and Teaming with Microbes, has delivered his 3rd book in the Teaming trilogy series, Teaming with Fungi. It’s a very informative read, as were his previous books. Continue reading

Review: GreenStalk Vertical Gardening System

green stalk vertical gardening system

The idea behind the Green Stalk Vertical Gardening System is to minimize watering and provide a large enough vertical garden to grow a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. It’s ideal for the would-be gardener who only has a patio, deck, porch or balcony to grow on. Continue reading

The Greatest Multi-Purpose Garden Tool? A Machete.


When I started gardening, I bought the requisite shovels, rakes, spades, cultivators, etc. Owning a machete never crossed my mind – I figured they were the domain of jungle explorers and movie villains – until I grew 7 foot tall sunflowers and started making my own compost. Continue reading